Our Technologies

We utilize our expertise in multiple domains of Engineering, when developing a product or a concept or inventing a new concept, we take a holistic view (big picture view) of the system and how the end users will use the system. We do not restrain oursevles with a narrow domain and sometimes even dare to venture into Engineering domains where we are not necessarily the experts!

Further we combine the technical capability with small-company culture of working, and a great work environment to ensure efficient and quality execution of projects by a motivated team of people.

In this section:

Our Technology Blog!

Automation Systems
  1.      Timer Switch
  2.      Security Systems - Hawkeye Mini
Biotech/medical devices
  1.      Luminometer
  1.      Block Masonry - Lego Block type construction
  2.      Misc. Construction - Swimming pool design, rain water fed.
Green Technologies
  1.      Energy Saving Sensors
  2.      Biofuel Reactor Instrumentation
  3.      Bottle Light - Free Natural Light for life
  4.      LPG-Biogas Automatic Switcher
Hi-Precision Systems
  1.      Optics Mounting System
OEM Systems:
  1.      BLDC Motor Driver (OEM)
  2.      Ionic Air Purifier
Robotics Social Tech:
  1.      Braille Tutor
  2.      Genesis of Braille Tutor
  3.      Glove project
Tech for Devices:
  1.      GUI for Devices/Gadgets
  2.      Infra-Red Remote Control System
  3.      Touch Screen UI
  4.      Web Server (Embedded)
Engineering Software
  1.      ERP SW for Mfg.
  2.      Diamond- Die Insp. SW
  3.      Miscellaneous SW
  4.      Hi-Precision Optics SW
  5.      Instrumentation SW
Miscellaneous Tech

Expertise we have

Product Engineering

  • Product development from idea to concept, prototyping, design and development, product to production and sustenance.
  • High Quality Aesthetics, Ergomics incorporated into design
  • Support for Contract Manufacturing, taking products to production and sustenance for products developed by us
  • OEM Manufacturing support through our manufacturing unit
  • Prototype development using commercially available off-the-shelf materials

Embedded Hardware and Software Design

  • Microcontroller based systems
  • Sensors, Data logging processing and Instrumentation
  • Analog/Digital Data Acquisition and processing.
  • Multi-threaded programming on low-cost microcontrollers.

Digital RF Communication Links and Stacks

  • Proprietary RF communication Links, stacks in ISM Bands
  • General Purpose networking based systems (Zigbee, Mesh networking etc).

Electro-Mechanical Systems

  • Automation Systems
  • DC Motor/Stepper/Servo motor control
  • Electro-mechanical systems
  • Robotics

Engineering software, Graphical User Interfaces, Controls

  • Desktop software for high end engineering application across multiple Operating systems
  • Proprietary GUI Software for automation and control applications
  • Android, Windows Mobile, Palm and Mobile Linux Applications

Large, Scaleable Server Software

  • Scalable Mission Critical software that are available 24X7
  • Linux and Open Source software


  • Low Volume, High Complexity Manufacturing expertise
  • Ergonomical design of interface/control systems
  • Industrial Design of products