Company Vision

The company was founded in 2009 with the following vision:

  • Turn great ideas into reality!
  • Build products, technologies that are easy and practical to use
  • Do things that are unique, and better
  • Nurture a small-company culture
  • Keep innovating and improving
  • Endeavor to develop an eco-system to sustain such a business.


When we started the company in 2009, our vision was to be a technology focused company, with empahsis on new product, new technologies and Intellectual property development. To this end, we have invested both time, manpower and resources to build a lean but effective an well-equipped laboratory.

Our vision always was to get Ideas Unlimited to focus on R&D on new and exciting technologies while another company to be eventually formed to professionally run manufacturing operations with specific Quality Focus and Intellectual Property protection.

With the incorporation of our own manufacturing company Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited (Websiteof Mfg. Unit) in June 2012, Ideas Unlimited is now focused completely on development of new technologies, products and intellectual properties

Working with Customers

We have an eco-system built to help develop new products and to take them to production. In this regard, we have evolved a model that helps us meet various needs of our different customers.

Our Engagement model with our customers and external institutions and R&D Labs. Click on image to visit our Company Vision page.

Investing in infrastructure for R&D

We have a fairly well equipped lab setup where we can prototype mechanical, electronics and other kinds of systems and we constantly keep upgrading test and measurement equipments in our lab. Along with our vendor network and our capabilities and facilities, we can translate an idea into a concept/product better.

Click Link to know more about our lab facility.

We have set ourselves a target of our lab producing 11 new technologies or products or IPs every year. So far we have been clocking 4 per annum.

Contact us

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