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World's First Pod-ICU!
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Night Sailing Kit for Seabird Class sail boats
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Electronics, Hardware, Command Control Centre for Amusement Park
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State of the art, Hi-fidelity Ultrasound simulator
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High Altitude, Solar powered, self sustaining Food Storage Silo
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Portable, State of the art Microgrid tech demonstrator
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State of the art Functional Miniatures, simulators
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State of the art Functional Miniatures, simulators

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SIMBU: Hi-Fidelity, Neonatal Ultrasound Simulator

We developed India's first Hi-Fidelity Neonatal ultrasound simulator. This Simulator is a game changer that can change the way neonatal doctors are trained to do Ultrasound scanning on Neonates.

India's first local AED Trainer

AED trainer is a “non-shocking” replica of an automated external defibrillator used for training people. We developed, India's First AED Trainer that can speak all Indian languages, with features that are not present in imported devices.

Dragon's Den at GRS Fantasy Park

A scary themed show where skeletons, mummies rise up and the grand finale will be a 20 feet tall Dragon rising out of water to scare the wits out of the visitors - runs on electronics and software made by us!

Pod-ICU: Portable, Plug-n-Play Isolation ICU

For proactive pandemic/disaster management/military use, take field portable Plug-n-Play ICU to site, setup a state of the art Isolation ICU in just minutes to save lives! Will be commercially available soon!

POC for a lower limb Exoskeleton

This POC was done as a technology demonstrator which could act as input to build a functional lower Limb Exoskeleton that can enhance a person's endurance to carry load/ability to walk.

Drive By Wire Technology Software for EV

Full Remote controlled driving stack for an electric vehicle, using 4G GSM network as a Technology demonstrator. Complete from Driver console to embedded hardware, software on the vehicle.

Solar Toy Plane Demo Exhibit

Novel exhibit where two light weight toy planes suspended from roof, get powered up by a powerful Light source from below, energizes itself and movesforward!

Portable Micro-Grid for Non-conventional energy

This portable Micro-grid product connects to Solar, Wind, Genset and Grid along with internal/external batteries and provides the chepest and available source of energy for consumption.

EL Panels for Helicopter/Aircraft Console

These EL panels were developed for an Indian helicopter as a Technology Demonstrator locally as an alternative to expensive imported ones with very little support from suppliers.

Food Storage Silo for High Altitudes

This modular food storage Silo system was developed for use in Ladakh to store food at sustainable temperatures while ambient temperature outside drops below -20 to -30 degrees C.

Miniature Wind power grid Simulator

This miniature Wind Farm/Wind Grid Simulator has 0.003x Scale models of wind turbine, terrain, homes, street lights, that can be interfaced with real Wind farm controller to demonstrate how a Wind Farm works!

NNFI Shishu - Android app for Neonatology

This Android based mobile application was developed for NNFI (National neonatology Forum of India) for assisting Neonatology/paediatric doctors with dozens of calculators, interactive graphs, charts, drug databases in daily use.

If you like the above showcased tech, Visit our Technology Showcase page to see more of our work in last 13+ years!
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We have expertise in many domains of product development like electronics, mechanical, software (embedded, PC, mobile, Servers, Networking, RF Comms etc) which help us employ current and cutting edge technologies to make high quality and well thought of products.

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We have a separate company to manufacture into products, technologies developed in our lab called Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited.

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